Welcome to my fountain pen pages. Yes, it has been quite a while since these pages were updated but I hope to remedy the situation on a more regular basis. Here you will find pens for sale, pens that I am looking for and other things of intereset to the pen collector or user. You will also find parts for sale and/or needed on an ongoing basis. It should be noted that this is a hobby, and not a business for me, at least not yet. Maybe when and/or if I ever get to retire.

I will take pens on consignment. This is primarily done for those persons who have no desire or time to list pens on their own. I will provide the photos and handle all of the listing etc. If you are interested in having me sell something pen related for you, please drop me an e-mail.


Terms of Sale

If you see soemthing you are interested in, please drop me an email. I accept PayPal, Personal Checks and Money Orders in payment.

I guarantee the functionality of any pens that I sell from this site.


Contact Information

John Schwab
Please email me here with comments or questions.