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  Network metrics are Green.
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4/29/2014 - 4:00a - 6:00a

An email account was compromised and used to send Spam. Reflexion rejected outbound messages. Working with Reflexion to resume sending messages through their system. Now sending messages through other means. Some messages were rejected earlier this morning may now be resent. UPDATE: Resumed sending messages through Reflexion.

Network Maintenance Mailing List:

At DSL Northwest, we believe strongly that our customers should be well-informed about issues that affect the network that they use. Accordingly, our customers may subscribe to the DSL Northwest Network Maintenance Mailing List.

Users that subscribe will receive email updates on scheduled maintenance intervals and network infrastructure changes as well as explanations of existing or resolved unscheduled interruptions in service. This mailing list is only available to DSL Northwest customers.

To subscribe, simply click on this button:


If you have questions or difficulties, please contact us.
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